Wednesday, 18 September 2013


 As London Fashion week has officially ended we thought we'd share some of our LFW snaps with you all!

Jameela Jamil

The ever fab Camille
Sports Luxe Queen Zanita
 The lovely Andy damn her and her Balenciaga boots!
 Patriotic colour palette from Danielle & Anouska
 The gorgeous Lucy of LULUTRIXABELLE
The beautiful Anjelica of Mode Junkie

It feels like London Fashion Week (LFW) came around super quickly this year, but we aren't complaining it was as amazing as always, even with the horrendous weather! I mean everyone was running for shelter inside the registration room and the arches at the front of Somerset House, but when it wasn't pouring down on us, we managed to get these amazing streetstyle shots, check out the designer showrooms and even catch a few shows! If you've never experienced LFW, you need to! London has some of the quirkiest, most amazing styles walking around and even if you don't have tickets, just walking around Somerset House and soaking up the atmosphere is a great experience! Let us know your favourite fashion week memory and/or which city you think does it best! #lovebyrose

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